About us

Pannonian Rock Festival

Pannonian Rock Festival is an open-air event where once a year you can enjoy the performance of the best bands in the world of rock and metal music. Hanging out with good music in the beautiful landscape of Eastern Croatia guarantees an unforgettable time!


Pannonian Rock Festival is located in Croatia, in a small village on the banks of the Sava River, Rajevo Selo. Between concerts you can refresh yourself on the nearby beach but at your own risk.

How do you get to us?

By highway you can get to Županja from all directions, from Županja to Rajevo Selo you can reach by bus.

Camping & Parking

The camping area is included in the ticket price and is located right next to the concert part of the festival. Parking is included in the ticket price and is located right next to the festival area.


If you are not a fan of camping, you can easily find accommodation in the neighboring town of Brčko, which is few kilometers away and is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you want accommodation in Croatia, the nearest locations are Aquarius in Bošnjaci and Virovi in Otok.

Everyone who finds accommodation in Brčko will have provided transportation to the festival and back several times a day.

Food and Drinks

Pannonian Rock Festival will offer different types of food and drinks that can satisfy every taste.